Oxidative Processes and Antioxidants: Fundamentals, Applications, Promises, Hurdles and Effects on Food Quality and Health – Learning from the Past and Planning for the Future  
Oxidative processes result in food quality deterioration and loss of flavor, nutrients and revenues for the companies as well as having a negative effect on health. Fundamental aspects of oxidation, and how it can be controlled is discussed. The main thrust of the short course will be on the role of antioxidants in providing the necessary protection to food, feed and non-food commodities. Selection of methodologies for assessments, pitfalls and other effects will be covered. In addition, effects on health will be discussed. Legal issues will be touched upon where and when applicable. The short course is intended for scientists in companies, product/quality managers and formulation technologists and lab technicians. Graduate students as well as government regulators will find it essential for advancing their knowledge. Details will be released shortly. The course will be instructed by universally renowned experts from representative disciplines and sectors.