Awards Application

1. Fellows of ISNFF (FISNFF) to be inducted  
The first group of experts in the functional foods and nutraceuticals will be recognized by ISNFF as fellows. To be considered for this award, the candidates must be nominated or applied for it with a two-page summary of activities in the field and should be a continued member of ISNFF for at least 10 years. Any service to ISNFF, if applicable, should also be mentioned.  
2. Fereidoon Shahidi Fellowship Award:  
Please make sure to submit your dossier to Professor Chi-Tang Ho (Chair of the award committee at Rutgers) in good time.  
3. Duet high traffic on ISNFF site for abstract submission, the site is kept open for now to avoid congestion.  
Please submit your abstracts at your earliest. Please also take advantage of the early bird registration rate while it lasts.


Student Awards
Presentation competition

There will be annual awards for students' presentation competition at the annual meetings. To be eligible, students must be a member of the society. First, second and third place awards will include a plaque and a cheque.

The Fereidoon Shahidi Fellowship Award started in 2009. Applications/Nominations should be sent to the Chair of the Awards, Professor Chi-Tang Ho one month before the start of the annual conference.

Merit Awards
Merit awards will be presented for exceptional scholarly activity or research and development activities leading to products and/or services to the consumers. Criteria for nomination(s) will be announced at a later date.

ISNFF Science and Service Merit Award Recipients

Merit Award is the highest award among ISNFF awards and is presented to those individual for outstanding contributions to the Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods Discipline and Service to the ISNFF  
Industry/Institution Merit Award is presented to those individual for exceptional scholarly activity or research and development activities leading to products and/or services to the consumers.  

ISNFF Student Poster Award Winners

This award is designed to encourage and highlights the outstanding research carried out by students in different aspects of functional foods, nutraceuticals, and natural health products. The first three places are awarded by a plaque and a cheque  

ISNFF Fereidoon SHAHIDI Fellowship Award Recipients

Fereidoon SHAHIDI Fellowship was established in 2009 by its Board of Directors to recognize the many contributions of Professor SHAHIDI in the field of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods. The Fellowship will be awarded annually at the ISNFF Meeting & Exhibition to an MSc or PhD graduate student with an outstanding record in both course work and research performance. Eligibility for this award requires (i) proof of graduate student status at an accredited University/College as of September 1st for the calendar year in question and (ii) current student membership in the ISNFF. Along with a plaque from the ISNFF, the Fereidoon Shahidi Fellowship will include a check for US$ 1,500 to advance the deserving student’s education.